Prospek is excited to announce that it will be a privileged partner of the International Summit on Trust in Organizations.

Institut de la confiance dans les organisations

You are invited to attend the first large-scale event on matters of trust in organizations, which will be held on May 21 and 22 in Montreal.

Hosted by the Institute for Trust in Organizations (ICO) and moderated by Jean-François Lépine, the event will serve to educate leaders about the concept of trust at a time when many sectors in Quebec are experiencing a lack of trust (according to data from Léger Marketing).

A catalyst for reflection and exchanges, the Summit will feature world-renowned speakers, including Minister Robert Poëti, Michel Nadeau, René Rouleau, Denis Gallant Esq., Diane Lemieux, Hervé Sérieyx, Suzanne Blanchet, Christian Latreille, Vanessa Hall, Andreas Pohlmann, Rob Peters, François Casgrain Esq., Diane Gareau Esq., Caroline Néron, Ève Laurier, Michelle Reina, Dennis Reina and Luc Durand.

Check out this exclusive video clip featuring an introduction to the Summit by Jean-François Lépine:

Jean-François Lépine, animateur du Sommet
Sylvain Arsenault

"We are honored to be a partner to the International Summit on Trust in Organizations. Trust is a key factor for any organization. Without trust, it is impossible to build solid relationships with our audiences. At Prospek, communication is a major contributor to developing relationships of trust."

Sylvain Arsenault

To attend the Summit, register at

To stay updated on event news, visit the LINKEDIN and TWITTER pages for the Institute for Trust in Organizations (ICO).