Tuango, the largest promotional marketing site in Quebec, entrusted Prospek with a mandate to revamp the user interface of its ecommerce platform as part of its new, completely responsive website. Its objectives: increase sales, improve the user experience and enhance the site’s search engine capabilities.


Prospek began by optimizing the information architecture to promote more streamlined, predictive browsing for users. Next, some 20 wireframe mockups were created. These were structured to help users find deals, which in turn would increase the number of pages viewed. The team was able to flawlessly transfer the experience to mobile devices by building on touchscreen technology to ensure highly intuitive browsing. In addition, the URL architecture was improved and the landing pages categorized by discounts to further improve search engine optimization (SEO).

We very much look forward to the launch of the site to validate our hypotheses via data gathering!


“It was a real pleasure to work with the Tuango team. The website is one of the largest ecommerce platforms in Quebec, and the company is a leader in its field. It is extremely motivating to know that our efforts will reach such a vast pool of users.”

Digital Strategist

Vincent Marceau