The winds of change currently blowing through the taxi industry have been a great source of inspiration for Taxi Diamond. The highly competitive climate created by the arrival of large international players, which are true "marketing machines", convinced the Montreal company to assign the task of developing a new Web site to Prospek.

Designed to be more than just an information site, the site offers individuals, businesses and drivers an efficient and effective management tool that allows Taxi Diamond to assume its leadership role in the industry. The new website addresses the following main objectives:

  • improve services to taxi owners and drivers;
  • improve the user experience;
  • increase the number of downloads of the mobile app;
  • increase Taxi Diamond's market share.

Taxi Diamond must deal with three main target audiences, each with distinct needs. The new site takes into account each group's requirements by offering customized tools. Starting from the home page, the site guides the visitor, whether an individual, a business or driver. In each portal, a tool kit is available to meet specific needs. Whether users wish to order a taxi, estimate a fare, consult their trip history or manage their preferences, they have full control. What's more, a new section entirely dedicated to drivers strengthens the feeling of belonging to Taxi Diamond and makes it easier for members to communicate with one another.

Soon, Taxi Diamond hopes to develop even more tools to improve its communications with these different groups and enable online transactions. This culture of innovation, which involves using the latest technology to simplify administrative procedures, will only have a positive effect on the services offered.

In terms of image, features, navigation and design, this site unquestionably reflects first-rate service. Few companies in the taxi industry can count on a site of such quality. Even taxi companies in the world's major capitals have reason to be jealous!

Isabelle Dupuis, Account director

"Keeping the focus on the user at all times was the challenge every team was able to overcome!"

Account director

Isabelle Dupuis

Sylvain Arsenault, Partner, vp / strategic communication

"When the winds of change are blowing, some people build walls, others windmills.' This Chinese proverb perfectly illustrates the nature of the project with which we were faced. It was a genuine privilege 'building a windmill' for Taxi Diamond."

Sylvain Arsenault