At Prospek, we love working on bold projects. When we were approached by the team at Reccard in the spring of 2013, we found ourselves swept up in an infectious energy. It emanated from the fervour of a builder: the company's president, Ramsey Hamade.

A tireless creator, this passionate young Montrealer shared with us his desire to contribute to the evolution of e-commerce with a multi-platform experience that's both consumer-oriented and attentive to the needs of retailers. Given that e-commerce has increased by 24% between 2010 and 2012, which represents significant challenges for merchants wishing to remain competitive, we felt compelled to get involved. A Montreal start-up, innovation, UX, a multi-platform experience and a technological challenge? We're in!

We began the project by developing an interactive strategy that resembled a business plan. Our job was to revamp the Reccard brand and produce a prototype of the application along with a range of promotional tools (video, presentation, one-pager, business cards, etc.) to support the launch effort for the pilot phase. We also developed an application program interface (API) to collect data from consumers in order to target promotions and communications. Lastly, we used responsive Web design and produced applications for the iOS and Android operating systems.

Meanwhile, in the field, we organized a strategy to recruit retailers in Quebec and Ontario, by joining the retail industry's event calendar. Our expertise in event planning and sponsorship management guided this common-sense approach to position Reccard as a serious player in its new business community.

In summary, Prospek's contribution to this project was to provide an overall support for our client and market its platform. To do so, we developed a business relationship based on trust and collaboration to constantly keep our targets in view. We're very proud to have had the privilege of realizing a young entrepreneur's dream which has been cultivated for the past 10 years. Pay a visit to In a few months, you won't be able to do without this app!

Isabelle Dupuis, Account Director

I've never had the chance to work with a client as motivated, proactive and full of ideas! The team dedicated to this project, could not ask for more! »

Account Director

Isabelle Dupuis