When Alès Groupe Canada asked our agency to develop an integrated communications campaign for its PHYTO Paris brand, they also gave us ample space and time in which to do it. For a team that's fuelled by strategy and innovation, this was a pure joy.

The campaign, launched with a high-energy, cosmopolitan event, had to raise the brand's notoriety and stimulate sales of its range of hair health and beauty products. The communications strategy included social media and public relations activities, as well as a "botanic-chic" VIP event, online ad placements, and the creation and promotion of an interactive tool (My Phytonature) to showcase the complete line of products on offer.

Phyto Paris-Canada
Phyto Paris-Canada
Philippe Doss, stratège interactif

Designing a complex project like the Phytonature campaign was a gratifying process in itself. But watching the whole team mobilize to create a superb and highly functional tool was quite simply... amazing!"

Director | Interactive Strategy

Philippe Doss

Phyto Paris-Canada
Phyto Paris-Canada
Alexandre Dumouchel, développeur

A project with numerous learning opportunities when it came to the adaptive integration of the virtual consultant. Like most men, I'm a blueberry!"


Alexandre Dumouchel