As we start 2012, I keep an eye open for new ways of marketing our clients online and make sure to keep up with the trending platforms. Early this year, I fell in love with, my new favorite (online) pass-time.

This platform is still “technically” available upon invite only but you can request an invitation and get a reasonably quick response. This type of invitation process creates a higher registration rate and encourages users to create their account instantly. Creating your account is simple and, as you go along, Pinterest teaches you how to use the platform quickly by selecting your interests and suggesting pinners to follow. As mentioned by Tech Crunch in December of 2011, Pinterest grew 40 fold since June 2011! All signs point to WOW marketing opportunities.

To describe it as they do themselves: Pinterest is “an online pinboard to organize and share the things you love”. Not only is this site visually appealing (Prospek’s creative team is also in love), but the never ending scroll of the page offers something to like for any type of user. Personally, I am a fan of home, DIY crafts, fashion and food pins. I simply cannot get enough. Rest assured, there is something for everyone. As each member contributes to the overall pinboard by creating their own personal boards and sharing their finds online, Pinterest grows in content. You can also opt to share your pins on Facebook and Twitter, which can increase the reach of each pin.

In the spirit of our WOW marketing post, I need to mention the names of early-adopters I believe are doing a great job of sharing content on Pinterest and therefore their brand with potential customers. I have repined their content many times over and consulted their sites through my discoveries. Some of them I knew, others were a joy to become acquainted with; Trophy cupcakes (Seattle Bakery), Smith&Ratliff (NYC blog), Country Living Magazine, Nina Garcia (editor of Marie-Clair), Whole Living, Whole Foods and Bergdoft Goodman. By representing their brand through their boards, they interact and gain new fans, all the while encouraging visits to their sites. Take a look at their “pinning”, you might get great ideas for your clients.

It is our job as marketers to find the most appropriate social platforms for our clients, in order to maximize their potential reach and create loyal followers. Don’t hesitate to be part of the early-adopters and help your clients become avid “pinners”. And, if Pinterest cannot be utilized by any of your clients, I dare you to start a Pinterest account and not get hooked!