Prospek is delighted to announce the appointment of Philippe Doss as Vice-President, Strategy, and Partner. Philippe has been the agency’s Director, Interactive Strategy since October 2013.

Philippe Doss

In addition to managing the strategy department, Philippe will assist in business development initiatives.

Since joining Prospek, Philippe has proven himself to be a strong leader, helping his team to both excel and deliver meticulously prepared, high-quality work at all times.

As a new partner, he embodies the agency’s identity, as is evident in his vision: “The approach that drives Prospek is simple: we immerse ourselves in our client’s reality, propose solutions adapted to this reality, and closely monitor the results. I believe that thoughtful and thorough reflection trumps a set recipe; it permits us to fully explore and apply our creativity and continually acquire knowledge.”

Sylvain Arsenault

“Philippe has not been named Vice-President and Partner at Prospek by chance. Since joining the team in 2011, he has expertly handled every challenge we have entrusted to him. His skill and intelligence are deeply ingrained in the agency’s DNA.”

Sylvain Arsenault