Most people don’t care about what’s happening under the hood, as long as the engine's running smoothly. This is especially true when it comes to web technologies. That’s why we try not to overwhelm our clients with too much technical jargon. But rest assured, we make every effort to optimize performance and indexation, apply the industry’s best practices and explore emerging online trends. These are the basics of our profession, but they are also the key building blocks of your communication platforms. At Prospek, we may be geeks through and through, but we’re also experts under the hood. Our ultimate goal is to help you express your company’s values or brand messaging in a way that is coherent, accessible, compelling and relevant, without resorting to clichés. We use technology to create a solid cornerstone for your communication strategy.


There’s what’s real and what’s virtual. Forging a path and standing out in the virtual world involves technological choices that are in sync with your needs. But don’t worry. We’ve been playing with tested and renowned technological solutions since we could walk, and we've earned a solid reputation along the way. With us, you can enter cyberspace with your eyes closed. Our comprehension of the web doesn’t translate into geeky acronyms, it translates into better ROI for your business.


If your online presence is not only a showroom but an integral component of your business model, we can help you set up the right tools to turn your virtual world into real life dollars. Choosing and putting in place an e-commerce platform suited to your business situation is right up our alley. From integrating your inventory to following acquisition costs, let us help you where it really counts.


Considering you want to be part of your audience’s life, architecture and application development need to be integrated into the new mobility paradigm. Our applications are created to go beyond current standards, with adaptive design and multiplatform development.