Creating a website or mobile app, elaborating a consumer engagement strategy for social media or email... no matter what the initiative, it requires time to reflect. At Prospek, we’re willing to bet that the best projects are those created through collaboration. That’s why we always start by working with you to determine a project’s strategic direction:

  • A website will never see the light of day before the mock-ups are approved;
  • The mock-ups will never be started until the wireframes are approved;
  • The wireframes will never be drawn up before we have undertaken serious strategic reflection to understand your challenges.

Business analysis and information architecture

Your business challenges are unique to you, which is why solutions have to be continually rethought. How do you find the tools best suited to your needs? Here’s a glimpse of what’s in our strategic toolbox:

  • Understanding the mission, values and vision of the company;
  • Marketing research;
  • SWOT Analysis;
  • Competitive position analysis;
  • Mapping the different audiences (B2B, B2C);
  • Determining differentiating factors;
  • Analyzing existing communication tools and their relative efficiency;
  • Determining business challenges and objectives;
  • Creating personas;
  • Proposing a customized strategic direction and information architecture.

Usability and user experience

At the centre of your ecosystem are your audiences. After analyzing their attributes, it is essential to consider the best ways to reach them, attract them, and foster their loyalty. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Analyze the industry’s best practices;
  • Survey users and other audiences;
  • Hold focus groups;
  • Produce wireframes and functional annotations;
  • Prototype;
  • Conduct usability testing.

Data analysis and optimization

The business world is constantly evolving, whether because of new entrants, technological innovations disrupting the establishment, or new generations of users with a different set of values and preferences. To stay ahead of the curve, we must adapt by using proven tools:

  • Audience analysis (web, apps, email and social);
  • Key performance indicators (KPI);
  • A/B and multivariate testing;
  • Conversion optimization.