Public relations services

With Prospek, public relations support begins by building trust between your team and ours. Our approach relies on the values of integrity, transparency and rigour. So far so good? Great, we’re gonna make a splash!

Brand image management

Managing your brand is what we care about most. We work hard to develop, maintain and enrich your organization’s reputation and image through the actions we take. We develop strategies that respect your company’s culture, mission and values. We identify the best opportunities to position your brand while ensuring they’re always in line with your objectives.

Media relations

Finding the public interest aspect of a message we’re seeking to disseminate via the media is the first thing to consider when embarking on a media relations mandate. We use the industry’s best practices. We help you choose the best channels to broadcast your messages, whether via traditional or social media. With Prospek, you gain access to a highly qualified team with all kinds of experience, made up of people driven by results. They know how to plan and execute solid communication strategies that work to reach your goals. Our tactics make an impact, period.


We bring together different areas of expertise to develop incomparable strategies for a variety of events and experiences. We have a passion for creating buzz around a brand and prolonging an experience. Our events launch a dialogue to favourably shape people’s perceptions and opinions. Event planning isn’t just about entertainment, it’s about strategy.

Community management

Our community managers do much more than follow their instincts, and our method and social skills go beyond trends. Your online presence is led by a strategy and editorial tone suited to your industry, business objectives and platforms. Whether your aim is to gain recognition, improve your online reputation or simply interact with your customers or partners, we decipher your industry, listen to it and analyze it before we interact.