The online presence of your business and brand is your primary showcase in a world where everything is virtual. We help you create a platform that reflects your organization’s identity and displays your products and services in a relevant and persuasive way. Our strategies, combined with the expertise of our technological partners, allow us to create efficient web tools that promote your brand while ensuring a significant return on investment.

Static and dynamic websites (CMS)

Together, we develop the platform best suited to host your content, solidify your digital storefront’s performance and measure the impact of your publications on your audience. To help you remain highly autonomous in publishing your content, we encourage the installation of a content management system (CMS) with different access permissions; this will enable you to review and approve all of your content without making your existing procedures more time-consuming. We’ll produce all of your web projects, including:

  • "Showcase" websites and harmonization with social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.);
  • Websites with an existing CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.);
  • Websites with a custom CMS;
  • Websites allowing for user-generated content (UGC).

Adaptive design and mobile websites

The pervasiveness of mobile devices has made it necessary to adapt your online presence to the needs of customers on the go. Easy access to your website from a mobile is a sign of commitment to your audience and a crucial factor in their decision-making.

Developing a website optimized for mobile, whether through mobile-first design or drawing on adaptive design principles, will enable you to profit from mobile technology while offering a satisfying experience to your users, no matter what device they’re using. It’s the easiest and most flexible way to reach your customers, wherever they’re located.

Web hosting

Hosting infrastructure is the foundation of a powerful and efficient app. Thanks to our technology partners, we can offer managed outsourcing solutions offering you the most flexibility and elasticity, so that you can always adapt quickly to your developing needs. We guarantee the stability and performance of our infrastructure to help you better satisfy your customers at all times.

The outsourcing and hosting solutions offered by our partners are accompanied by a service that monitors the status of your online application. This ensures you’re notified of performance issues and can act on them. Your hosting solution can also give you access to our application management services. This enables swift resolution of any availability problem that might occur and is a great way for you to obtain advice concerning system updates and performance management.