At the centre of your business communications is your brand. A lot of work goes into the development of this brand in order to help foster a positive and lasting perception of it. What emotions should it convey? How will it stand out from the competition? What elements must be highlighted to influence your target audience? We offer our support throughout the branding and visual identity process, so that you can draw the attention of your audience, develop their connection to your brand and build your company’s reputation.

Visual identity

More than just a logo, the visual identity of your brand is a universe in and of itself. We offer a robust methodology that can be adapted to your reality in order to create a visual identity that is unique to you, inspiring in the eyes of your present and future clients as well as your collaborators and internal stakeholders:

  • Analysis of visual environment and competition;
  • Focus group set-up and analysis of results;
  • Identification of brand moodboards;
  • Identification of directions for new logos;
  • Selection of primary and secondary fonts;
  • Development of brand colour palettes;
  • Application of the new visual identity in contexts related to your business.

Choosing a brand name

Finding the perfect brand name for your company starts with analysis and several exploratory sessions where we allow ourselves to leave conventional frameworks behind. To develop efficient solutions, we make sure that the suggested brand names reflect your company’s environment, values and target audiences. We offer:

  • Strategic corporate positioning;
  • Analysis of competitors’ brand names;
  • In-depth examination of your service offers and differentiating factors;
  • Understanding of your target audiences and their perceptions;
  • Development of suggestions for a new brand name;
  • Domain name search.

Brand guidelines

The key to a successful and lasting brand redesign is the capacity to integrate the new visual identity into all of your communication tools, use the new brand cohesively, and guarantee its adoption by internal and external audiences. We suggest several tools to guarantee a successful and lasting transition:

  • Brand guidelines;
  • Brand toolbox containing the main graphic elements and variations for each different type of media;
  • Audit of brand use and recommendations.