Developing mobile and social applications

A company looking for success with a mobile application must be able to quickly provide users with relevant information. Our strategic expertise and our partners’ knowledge of technology allow us to manoeuvre through all dimensions of mobile application development to help you create a complete mobile experience adapted to your users on the go.

iOS and android mobile applications

Prospek and its technology partners have the required expertise to develop multiplatform applications accessible from a range of different mobile devices. We design applications that maximize usability and content in order to offer the best user experience possible based on the specific context. Our multidisciplinary teams are qualified to develop iOS, Android and Windows Phone technologies. We can launch multiplatform applications from day one to ensure you reach the widest audience as fast as possible.

Social apps on Facebook or microsites

Social applications (Facebook contests, game on a microsite, etc.) are an incredible opportunity to engage your audience and build their loyalty though interactive content that encourages users to take action. A social application allows you to create a more playful environment while maintaining its utility. You’ll collect more information on your audience through highly personalized content, and you can implement a strategy to maintain regular contact with your customers in order to make the most of opportunities for engagement.

As with our mobile applications, our technology partners are able to develop multiplatform applications that can be deployed simultaneously to help you reach a wider audience. Offering your users a complete ergonomic experience is our team’s utmost concern, ensuring the success of your application and a solid return on investment.