A great advertising concept combines creativity and effectiveness. It conveys a message that’s in perfect harmony with the company’s identity, rejects convention and sparks the imagination. The winning recipe is always changing, but the ingredients remain the same: the steadfast partnering of copywriting and artistic direction.

Ad copywriting

Words can seduce, reel you in, and persuade... as long as they’re used with skill! Our source material is made up of your company’s challenges, a study of your target audiences and the analysis of your products and services. The result is always the same: a concept that gets noticed, but above all addresses a specific objective.

  • Campaign concept;
  • Advertising slogans;
  • Signature;
  • Tagline.

Artistic direction for advertising

Good ideas are sometimes expressed in words, other times in images. At Prospek, artistic direction in advertising comes before the development of all of our advertising projects, in order to help orient all aspects of the campaign.

  • Visual design of advertising campaigns;
  • Design environment of the campaign;
  • Support for developing the campaign;
  • Adaptation to different types of traditional and digital media.