Whether you’re seeking to raise your profile, influence your partners, change perceptions, improve your image or launch a new product, the crux of the issue often lies in the impact your brand is having. It is this aspect we tackle daily at Prospek. Shaping, extending, adjusting or redirecting brand influence (both externally and internally) demands discipline and expertise, but curiosity and creativity are also essential. Good thing our team of creators and strategists offers all of this! Instead of promising you the moon, we’ll take the time to analyze your environment and develop an adapted communication strategy. We’ll also advise and guide you over the long term to ensure the right tactics are applied at the right junctures. When you choose to collaborate with Prospek, your brand will bask in a perpetual glow rather than being a mere flash in the pan!


How a brand evolves and grows has everything to do with its relationship with its various audiences. This includes its rapport with journalists and influencers, who enjoy attending a wide range of customized events we plan. We also propose content solutions to better manage client image and reputation on social media. We view these contacts with the community as opportunities to promote dialogue, address current and potential issues, and stay ahead of the curve, while always being prepared for any contingency. There are huge advantages to nurturing brand relationships.


All of your marketing activities should be built around strong branding. From research to execution, every aspect must be thoroughly planned to communicate an image that supports your values and reflects client perception. No detail can be overlooked. Your logos, brand names, taglines and graphic charters and standards must be well thought out and developed to boost your brand image.


When it comes to creating web tools, mobile solutions, print advertising or videos, clean design increases effectiveness. Graceful lines, shapes and colours enhance the functionalities and user experience. Check out the world’s biggest brands – do you notice a trend? Great results are built on great design.


With Prospek, your advertising will be clear and compelling. Regardless of the format, your ads will feature just the right number of words and images to underscore your message. We facilitate the perfect union of copywriting, artistic direction and your business goals to create concepts that will get people talking about your brand. Well-planned advertising inevitably leads to concrete results.


There’s what’s real and what’s virtual. Forging a path and standing out in the virtual world involves technological choices that are in sync with your needs. But don’t worry. We’ve been playing with tested and renowned technological solutions since we could walk, and we've earned a solid reputation along the way. With us, you can enter cyberspace with your eyes closed. Our comprehension of the web doesn’t translate into geeky acronyms, it translates into better ROI for your business.


Considering you want to be part of your audience’s life, architecture and application development need to be integrated into the new mobility paradigm. Our applications are created to go beyond current standards, with adaptive design and multiplatform development.