What is Carey Price’s beverage of choice? In this campaign developed in partnership with ESKA and deployed by Prospek, Quebecers discovered on April 10 that Carey loves ESKA’s new carbonated natural spring water in slim cans!

Carey Price

The goal of the campaign was to attract attention to the brand and make an impact by drawing a close parallel between Carey Price’s traits and those of the new product. Like Carey, ESKA’s new carbonated natural spring water is shaped by ice, is even better under pressure, and has taken years to reach this level of excellence!

The integrated Guess what Carey drinks! campaign was built around a contest that truly connected with Quebecers. In fact, the contest video clips logged more than 135,000 views, and the social media campaign generated over 30,000 user interactions.

In addition to the web tactics (microsite, social media strategy and online media buying), Prospek created the visuals for a Montreal poster campaign, extending the reach of the promotion even further. This was rolled out in two phases: before and after the product was revealed.

The ESKA colours and brand were also added to the contest microsite the day the product was revealed. The site presents the final video clip featuring Carey Price, the new product and the winner.